At an all-you-can-eat buffet, a woman was billed DOUBLE for “eating too much.”

When she went to an all-you-can-eat buffet and the restaurant sought to double her bill, blaming her for “eating too much,” the lady said she was fat-shamed.

South Wales-based TikTok user Poppy, also known as @poppypaints, recounted what transpired in a video that has received 120,000 views.

The body positive activist created the video as part of a movement in which individuals are revealing instances in which they have experienced fat-shaming.

Poppy recounts that after going out to dinner, she found she had been charged twice when the waitress presented the bill.

When she asked about the amount, she was informed that it was since she had overindulged. More than 8,000 people have liked the video clip.

The TikTok user disclosed in the comments that she had balked at paying twice as much for the dinner, noting that she had “debated and just paid the one flat fee.”

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People shared their personal stories of being fat shamed in the comments section, which included everything from cruel remarks to being gawked at during physical education lessons at school.

One person wrote: “I had a trip to Istanbul scheduled, and my mother’s best friend asked me, “Oh, to undergo weight-loss surgery?” and when I responded “no,” he asked “Why not?”

Another person stated: “I went to use the restroom on a plane and the guy remarked if I was the standard of a lady on vacation, they should have stayed at home.” Another person said, “Two obese females 88.”

A third person said: “I went to a beach in Turkey that required payment for access, and they wanted to charge me twice as much since I would take up too much sand.”

And a fourth commenter shared: “I once experienced something similar at a hotel; it was a breakfast buffet and a lady was berating me.” There was an adequate amount of food!

Another TikTok user spoke out, writing: “Dresses weren’t meant for huge females, however an old lady told me at work that my dress was extremely gorgeous.”

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