Mother was ridiculed for hosting her son’s seventh birthday celebration in “indecent” clothing.

A woman who believes her cleavage “stole the focus” from her son’s birthday celebration at the age of seven has retaliated against online trolls who have called her “indecent.”

Last month, Raquel Dicuru, 37, of Tonbridge, Kent, was preparing a celebration for her son’s seventh birthday when her sister-in-law caught her lighting the cake’s candles on camera.

She wasn’t aware her “boobies” were clearly shown in the purple floral sundress, directly in front of the little kids, until she viewed the sweet souvenir film again.

The assistant ability consultant, however, couldn’t help but post the video on TikTok with the amusing title, “When you didn’t realize your boobies were grabbing the focus at your son’s birthday party until you viewed photographs and footage later that evening!”

The mother of two claims that many viewers have expressed outrage about the video, which has received more than one million views, with some accusing Raquel of being ‘indecent’ and actively looking for a partner.

The knee-length sundress doesn’t appear to be exposing, but the camera position on the video made Raquel’s cleavage prominent when she lit the candles.

Raquel claimed that the video, which has received over a million views, has drawn criticism from many viewers, some of whom have accused her of wanting to “find a spouse” and labeled her as “immoral.”

Raquel urged her detractors to “get a life” in follow-up videos in which she also appeared in the dress to demand an explanation for why her attire was deemed “inappropriate.”

She defended herself on TikTok, claiming that up until she saw the party’s video footage later that evening, no one had observed anything strange about her clothing.

The video was shot by her sister-in-law, according to Raquel. She was unaware until she sent her the video, at which point she said, ‘Dear God! My boobies are right there.’

Usually, she would merely be constantly modifying her attire. But she wasn’t since the clothing was quite comfortable.

She believes the video’s viewpoint is primarily to blame. Her sister-in-law was recording from above while she was a little bit squatting.

They were all simply enjoying the occasion and wishing her kid a happy birthday. So she simply found it amusing that they were all in the dark.

She put it online since she thought it was humorous, and when she saw the response, she was shocked.

A few of the commenters said that her caption called attention to her breasts. But that’s what made it humorous.

It’s similar to when individuals exit a restroom with toilet paper still clinging to their shoes.

It was this video—which she would love to see go viral—about litter picking and eco-living out of all the ones she had submitted.

Individuals criticized Raquel’s choice to wear the low-cut dress in a number of comments she got.

The bulk of comments, according to Raquel, were made by people who were angry with the video.

The major complaint appeared to be that by wearing that particular dress, she was acting ‘indecently,’ and that she had just posted the video to garner attention.

Individuals were incensed and believed it to be ridiculous. They questioned her personality and whether or not she was seeking a marriage.

She is content with her marriage and doesn’t want to date.

The majority of the remarks came from guys. However, she also had folks standing up for her and urging trolls to “loosen up.”

The negative comments had to be deleted since they were becoming too numerous. Most of them went unanswered, so she simply erased them and carried on with her life.

Men were making remarks such as “Women know what they’re doing” and “Women always do this for attention,” according to the report. She felt as though her behavior was being condemned for being on display.

They’re categorizing her into the group of “She wants the daddies to look at her, she just wants attention,” as if they’ve had horrible experiences with women.

They said that she was focusing more on herself than on her son. She  was called “sick” for posting the video, according to someone. Why are individuals so furious is strange. They are only boobs.

Of course, people make up stories in their heads about what happened in the video’s production process.

She continued saying that since these folks don’t know her, she doesn’t mind too much. They would be aware that she is not like that if they knew .

Raquel was first shocked by the remarks, but she is adamant that she did nothing wrong by wearing the outfit.

Deep down, the critical remarks did cause Raquel to doubt her clothing choices. However, she quickly realized that “No, they’re the ones who have an issue with it.”

It’s amusing how furious individuals get about skin. She don’t see why it’s considered taboo when half the globe has boobs.

At the beginning of June, it was a hot day. She wore casual clothing as they were going to have a picnic in the park.

Raquel is adamant that the negativity will not sway her opinion of what she should wear despite it.

This hasn’t stopped her from wearing the sundress, Raquel stated. She prefers to dress nicely for her physique since she is not immoral.

Noone should make fun of her or anybody else for what they want to wear or how they choose to present oneselves.

Several commentators weren’t shy in criticizing Raquel’s party attire.

The fact that you brought this up is horrible, one person remarked, while another added, “Yeah right, everything about you screams “Look at me.”

Another reviewer commented, “Women ALWAYS know when they’re hanging out,” while another male critic said, “Why would you even wear it to a kid’s birthday party?”

Not savvy enough to wear something to a kid’s birthday, one TikTok user said. She must be trying to find a single father.

Raquel was defended by other commentators who said the dress was only a “simple sundress” and that “why is everyone hating?”

Sorry, don’t see anything incorrect, one person wrote. One person said, “If you go to the beach, you see a lot more skin,” while another asked, “Why is everyone criticizing… only a simple sundress?

Wow, some of these remarks, one encouraging commenter commented. Folks, it’s a hilarious scenario. They are just boobs, and life happens. Have a little fun.

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