Elderly couple married for over 60 years dies an hour and a half apart, holding hands

A beautiful and touching climax to their decades-long love story occurred when an elderly couple died within one and a half hours of each other. Delma and Tom Ledbetter were wedded for almost 60 years. Unfortunately, they became unwell in April. Their family moved the Lake Jackson, Texas residents to the same nursing facility, where they lived until 21 April, when they died holding hands.

Tom died first, and his wife died an hour and a half later. Their love was an inspiration to many and was unquestionably a marriage made in Heaven. Although the family is sad, they have many cherished memories to look forward to when they are all together again, read the obituary for the couple.

Donetta Nichols, the couple’s daughter, indicated that her parents died just how they would have wished. She stated that it was just what they desired. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

She continued that they’d moved their small beds close, and her mom was lying directly in front of him. She was sleeping when Daddy leaned over and took her hand, and he just laid there with her, and it was so wonderful.

Delma and Tom Ledbetter met through common acquaintances in the 1950s while living in Florida. Then, three weeks later, a fortuitous interaction led them on their first date, and they knew they were meant to be. They married and spent 62 years blissfully married with their two girls, seven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Delma then became unwell in April and had to be admitted to a nursing facility. Tom became ill a few days later as well. Delma was asleep on their final day, facing her husband, who stretched his hand and grasped hers. They died in each other’s arms, demonstrating their love even as they breathed their last. They were laid to rest next to each other at Restwood Memorial Park in Texas.

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