Mother Secretly Gives Daughter up for Adoption — Father Finds Out and Fights to Win Her Back

Being parted from a kid is something that no parent ought to ever have to go through.

In the instance of one South Carolina father, his little girl was adopted without his consent, and he confronted the prospect of never seeing her again.

Christopher Emanuel had to struggle for months in court before he could see his daughter Skyler again.

He wasn’t sure whether he’d ever see her again, Christopher, Founder of Sky Is The Limit Foundation, adds.

He continued that he has always stated he wanted to be a good father.

Christopher said that his girlfriend placed their newborn kid for adoption without informing him.

He expressed that he felt disoriented and was sad and bewildered since he wanted to make sure he could be there for his baby.

He had applied to be listed to the state’s responsible fatherhood register as Skyler’s father, which was intended to alert him if her mom placed her for adoption.

However, when a Southern California family applied to adopt her just days later, their application did not include him.

Christopher explained that his daughter was in San Diego, California, with the prospective adoptive couple who would alter her name. He had medical papers naming his daughter by a different name, and she was never formally adopted.

His parental rights were removed without his knowledge, but Christopher sought to reclaim his sweet child.

Skyler was returned to him after nearly a year, and the courts awarded the loving father sole custody of her.

In addition to being Skyler’s primary caregiver, Christopher currently travels around the United States teaching men on their parenting rights through his Sky Is The Limit Foundation.

Any adoption procedure that permits a kid to be adopted without the consent of both parents should be reviewed. It’s unimaginable what Christopher went through.

Thankfully, Skyler has returned to her rightful place, and let’s wish them both a very positive future together. Please spread the word.

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