‘They closed the door on our faces’: Customers say Chick-fil-A workers threw their food away right in front of them when they arrived to pick it up at closing time

In a viral TikTok post, clients claim Chick-fil-A staffs wouldn’t allow to let them get into the store to get food when they show up at closing time. A video illustrates the staffs throw away their food to them through the opening. 

The video has over 435,800 views and was posted by TikToker Tristan. The video shows the TikToker in his car outside a Chick-fil-A which seems to be closed for the day. He shows an order of food on a counter through the opening and says it was his online order, all ready to go. Though, Tristan says that the staffs declined to give it to him since he arrived just as the store was about to shut.  

Tristan said in the video that they race to get there on time to pick up the food and they closed the door on their faces. He said that they were only three minutes late of closing and instead of giving their order, a member of staff starts to throw out their food in the garbage.

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Chick-fil-A is recognized for their creator’s loyal spiritual views and aids to certain Christian reasons. It also holds a status for its well-mannered customer facility and encouraging employees to use pleasing wordings. In order to offer a great quality experience for clients, franchisees can only own and function one Chick-fil-A place.

The TikTok video triggered storm in its comments segment, with users discussing who is at fault for Tristan’s order being thrown out. Several users disapproved the staffs in the video for not being pleasant.

However, several users held responsible the clients for reaching at closing time to pick up their order.

Some users commented that it appears like the staffs were looking at the TikToker and throwing away his order out of unkindness. 

TikToker answered to users inquisitive about what transpired after his initial video was recorded in a continuation video that has over 128,500 views. He says he was repaid for the food, but when his friend dialled the store manager, they did not offer any admission of guilt.

Tristan said that the video instigated a lot of argument. They declined service however the food was even now made and ready to go. He didn’t think it would go viral but he just sought to display how unfortunate and rude the staff was being.

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