Woman asks if she was wrong to post selfie in her boyfriend’s military uniform.

We’ve all shared a selfie, and they may be a touch self-indulgent at times. But what if your selfie is possibly jeopardising your partner’s profession? In this story a girlfriend puts on her boyfriend’s military uniform without his permission and shares a lovely little image of herself in it on social media. Read the whole story and let us know whether she was right in doing so.

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Ok, So Like…I don’t know if I’m really the AH here but I do think it’s a bad situation so bear with me.

This happened 2 days ago. My f25 boyfriend m29 is in the military. We’ve been dating for 6 months and we live in different towns. He comes over to visit on weekends but I have never been to his hometown and whenever I try to visit he’s always busy.

He came over to spend the weekend with and brought his military uniform. He was in the shower while his uniform was sitting on the bed. I felt bored and decided to put it on and took a picture of me wearing it. I then shared it on my Facebook as my “story” and thought nothing of it. But once he found out he blew up and started yelling at me saying I should have never touched his “work stuff”.

I was baffled at his reaction. I said I was just trying it on but he said that I was being reckless towards his work. when he found out I posted a picture of me in it he lost it completely. He told me he can’t believe I jeopardized his job for “sh%ts and giggles” and for some internet likes.

He was making me nervous so I told him he was overreacting, he kept mumbling that I screwed him over because the uniform had his name tag on it. I asked so what and he said that I don’t get to F*** with his job and sabotage it with how I was acting. We had a fight. He grabbed his stuff and went back to his hometown after demanding I take the picture down and wipe it off my phone.

I have been trying to contact him ever since but still got no reply. I left him messages from messenger and he reads them but doesn’t reply.

Am I really a Jerk? I think I might have messed up but part of me says this was an overreaction on his part. What is your opinion? What should i do?

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