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Elderly Delivery Man Shot Multiple Times, Car Robbed After Grocery Drop-Off

A 64-year-old delivery worker was shot multiple times by “at least two” assailants who then fled in his Jeep moments after delivering groceries to a woman in her Philadelphia home, according to Corporal Jasmine Reilly of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Reilly says multiple assailants fired at him as he returned to his Jeep at 6:15 p.m. Sunday in what the department is investigating as a carjacking and robbery attempt.

The victim was shot in the chest, back, and torso and is currently in critical condition. (According to Reilly, victims’ names are not publicized unless they die as a result of their wounds, per department protocol.)

Phyllis Kelly, who had ordered groceries on Sunday, said she had just returned home when the shooters opened fire, adding that she was “in disbelief and anger” about the shooting. She remarked that maybe if she would have stayed there another minute, maybe they would have went away. Maybe the driver would have been okay.

Across the street, James Thompson heard “five or six, what sounded like gunshots,” according to the source. The delivery driver had stopped near his house, and when he went outside to check what was going on, he “saw a guy lying on the pavement.” He contacted 911 at that point.

According to the most recent data from The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, which gathers data on every shooting in the city, 1,492 people have been shot in the city this year, a 27 percent decrease from previous year. According to the center, 23 people were shot in the first six days of November, two of them fatally.

The motivation for the shooting on Sunday night is unknown, according to Reilly, and the Jeep has not been discovered.

The department, which, according to Reilly, is truly early in the investigation and working with little data, is looking into the case under a variety of theories, including the possibility that the delivery man was targeted for his Jeep or even followed to the Philadelphia home where he made the delivery.

During their search, authorities discovered one weapon and numerous expended shot casings.

As of early Tuesday, no arrests had been made by police.

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