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Elderly woman killed by family pit bull in gruesome attack on Long Island

According to authorities, a 70-year-old Long Island lady was murdered on Wednesday afternoon in Albertson after being savagely assaulted by her family’s pit dog.

According to Nassau County Police and other residents, when Marina Verriest’s husband arrived home from work at approximately 1 p.m., he saw his wife’s dismembered body being pulled across the backyard by their 7-year-old dog.

Although it’s unclear when the assault started, authorities reported that when the husband got home, “the dog was still feasting on the body.”

The spouse dialed 911 right away. The dog turned and attacked the first officer on the scene when they arrived, who then opened fire and killed the dog.

When EMS got on the scene, the victim was already deceased.

After seeing the devastation, the police officer who shot the dog is currently undergoing medical attention in the hospital for trauma.

It was a fairly awful sight. They don’t know when the incident occurred, but it was clear that the victim had been severely mutilated on the torso, arms, faces, and legs, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder stated during a news conference.

The cop witnessed something really upsetting; they looked out for their officers and made sure they’re alright.

The dog belonged to the stepson of the couple, who had recently passed away in a motorbike accident. Police think that the dog had been with the family its whole life and that the son had been residing at home, according to Ryder.

They don’t know why the dog turned on the woman or what caused it to do so, he added. There has never been a domestic call to the house or a call about the dog before.

Police don’t think the sad occurrence was illegal in any way.

Verriest’s identification was confirmed by neighbors.

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