My kids kept asking how they were born, so I put on my graphic birth video

Where do babies come from is one of those queries that every parent inevitably hears.

In the past, families could have just shifted the subject or told their kids that a stork had delivered them, but one mother has captured the perfect time she faced the answer head-on with her young kids on camera.

Keri Jennings captioned her TikTok video that her kids have been asking her how ladies create babies for days. She  therefore showed them.

As they view video of Keri’s youngest boy being born, her kids can be seen going through every feeling, from excitement to outright dread, in a matter of seconds.

As her little child watches the video with wide eyes, she chuckles and says, “That’s you.”

In response to her children’s repeated inquiries about labor, Keri remarked that she cautioned them childbirth is unpleasant, but they insisted they were ready.

“I had been hearing ‘Mama! Mama! With the hashtag #childhoodtraumaunlocked, Keri playfully captioned the video, “How were we born?”

Watch this childbirth video for breakfast, here it is! She  did warn them in advance that it’s really gross and a little frightening, but they claimed to be prepared.

She expressed her pride in the children’s responses.

It ought to be a simple conversation because this is such a natural and wonderful aspect of life, she remarked.

She attempted to make this more of a lovely, humorous moment instead of something that happened, look at it. It was crucial how she reacted in this situation.

His initially fascinated expression quickly changes to one of terror when he discovers Keri’s umbilical chord still tied to his smaller sibling.

He exclaims, “Mama’s lungs fell out!” before being informed that it was only the umbilical cord.

@keri.jennings #Newchildhoodtraumaunlocked😂 ..apparently my lungs fell out 🫁 #momsoftiktok #childhoodtraumacheck #familiesoftiktok #fyp #newtrend #reactionvids #funny #foryoupage ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

Keri received a lot of accolades for being so honest with her kids.

“This is the proper method. Given that so many young people believe getting pregnant is easy, perhaps broadcasting these movies in schools could help prevent teenage pregnancies, said one TikTok user.

“Truly, this is how conversations with children should proceed at all times. When they’re NORMAL PARTS OF LIFE, there’s no need to sugarcoat or keep things PG,” another person said.

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