Elestine received 107 flowers from her church to commemorate her 107th birthday.

Elestine Lawson was surprised to receive a special delivery from her church when she opened her door.

The senior from Westerville, Ohio, marked her 107th birthday with 107 flowers.

They’re lovely, she said as she opened her front door to see a floral arrangement from her neighborhood florist.

Elestine afterwards discovered that several church members agreed to purchase her a bouquet of roses from Battiste LaFleur, Galleria, a neighboring floral store in the town of Columbia.

It was a wonderful act for a lady who attributes her happy and long life to her faith.

When Elestine was questioned what the key to living such a long life was, she said, “Praise the Lord.”

She went on to say that love and faith had kept her going for the past 107 years.

Elestine is not far behind the official oldest lady in America, 114-year-old Thelma Sutcliffe of Nebraska.

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