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Mother, 28, claims that her millionaire husband, 53, is a “stallion in bed.”

A young mother believes her rich husband is the finest lover she’s ever had because he’s ‘like a stallion’ in bed, despite outsiders claiming he might be her grandfather.

Leila and Bruce Griffin originally met while she was seeking for something casual with an “established man,” but they hit it off like a “house on fire” and quickly became inseparable.

The 28-year-old from Enfield, north London, said the 53-year-old entrepreneur and business owner piqued her interest because he was monetarily solid, witty, down to earth, sensible, and a ‘genuine gentleman.’

However, the mother-of-one claims that flames flew in the bedroom owing to their strong emotional bond, claiming that if she were blindfolded, she’d assume he was 21, not in his 50s.

Even living three hours apart when they initially met last October couldn’t stop their love, as they bought a house together four months later and married this July.

However, Leila claims that detractors have expressed ‘envy’ since she lives in a $1 million mansion, drives a McLaren, and owns many other vehicles.

The fashionista has had to develop a thick skin after being attacked by online remarks from frustrated broke guys in their 20s labelling her a ‘money digger’ just wanting a ‘sugar daddy.’

Leila urges anybody who wants to be in an age gap relationship but is hesitant due to concerns about other people’s opinions to do what brings them joy – since one can’t and shouldn’t attempt to satisfy everybody.

Leila, who is from Enfield in north London but now lives in Tampa, Florida in the United States.

She added that Bruce and she are extremely straightforward and honest with one another and their relationship, and the fact is that she would not have met up with him if he wasn’t financially in the condition he’s in. She continued that he would not have met with her if she hadn’t been a young, attractive woman.

He fell in love with a lovely lady, not a woman’s age, and he has never been happier, Bruce added.

The unemployed fashionista met alternative energy entrepreneur Bruce online in October 2021 while living in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Leila said she’d drive three hours in her ‘beaten up’ 10-year-old Ford Fiesta to meet Bruce, who lived in Vero Beach, Florida, when they first met.

Worried that the automobile wouldn’t be safe for such long trips, the father-of-one purchased her a Subaru, which was upgraded two months later to an Audi SQ8, which starts at $93,500 new.

She characterized her life as a “total 180” and her beloved spouse as a “completely different species” who has maintained his word and every vow made when they first laid eyes on one another.

Dating older men is preferable since they have their hell together, Leila says. They understand what they want from life and how to respect a lady.

He’s financially stable, which was very essential to her. She wants to be looked after if she is going to be tied down with somebody.

He is not envious; there is no jealousy. She needs to be with a man that is really stable. She is outgoing and attracts a lot of attention, whereas he’s really secure.

He acts as my anchor at times, which is essential for her since she is a wild child.

While she appreciates the numerous advantages of their age gap, Leila admits that Bruce is “a bit more conventional,” which may cause some conflict while parenting her 12-year-old daughter.

They also have diverse musical tastes, with Bruce preferring Fleetwood Mac and Leila preferring rap and hip hop, so deciding what to listen to in the car may be difficult.

She stated that communication is crucial in their relationship since he is ‘very mature’ and she is still in her 20s and ‘growing up,’ making it tough to see each other’s point of view at times.

Leila has gathered over 30,000 Instagram followers by sharing about their relationship, but she claims that 90% of the time she receives unpleasant comments after uploading a picture of them.

Despite some online criticism, Leila claims that no one she knows has ever criticized their relationship and has only shown her love and support.

She’s also been besieged with letters from other ladies who want to know where they might meet a man like Bruce.

According to Leila a lot of women want what she has, and she doesn’t believe they’ll state it publicly, but they do to her.

She’d tell other women who wish to date an older man but are hesitant because of unfavorable perceptions: whatever one does in life, someone somewhere will always have something terrible to say.

Someone will always say something, therefore one might as well do what makes one happy since one can’t satisfy all, and they shouldn’t try.

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