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Engagements, Affairs & An Attempted Kidnapping: A Look Inside Princess Anne’s Life

Princess Anne, the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s only daughter, has maintained a quieter and more private life than many of her nieces and nephews. Because she generally uploads professional images and pre-approved content on her social media pages, the public seldom gets a look inside her life.

Nevertheless, Anne is said to be one of the royal family’s busiest working senior members. She is also well-known for her fashion sense.

Like many royals, the media is always commenting on her outfits, particularly her jewels. This time, the item of interest is Anne’s engagement ring, which is not only unusual but has also piqued the curiosity of admirers all around the world.

She was married twice, the first time to Mark Phillips in 1973. When Anne married Timothy Laurence in 1992, both her wedding gown and engagement ring broke the norm in contrast to all previous royal weddings. While most royals mark their marriage proposal with a clear gemstone, generally a diamond, Princess Anne chose a less-traditional rock that provided an uncommon element to her engagement ring.

The royal family has seen significant changes in recent years, while appearing to be a conventional household. Many components were left in place after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal departure in March 2020, while the family sought to figure out how to go ahead.

Anne has taken on additional duties and has spoken up about numerous unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary events in her life. Continue reading to learn more about the life of the former monarch’s only daughter, Anne.

On August 15, 1950, the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed their second child, Princess Anne, their only daughter. She was third in line to the throne at the time of her birth, behind her mother, who was not yet queen, and her older brother King Charles III, but she is currently 16th. Anne is also the elder sister of Princes Andrew, Duke of York, and Edward, Earl of Wessex.

She married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, being the first of her three siblings to do so. The two met in Mexico City while attending a horseback riding event. Although they were seldom seen together, the tension in their relationship was well reported, with allegations of both of them having relationships with other people (Anne dated Queen Consort of the United Kingdom’s then-husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles’ brother’s wife Camilla). In April 1992, their divorce was formalized. Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are the princess and Phillips’s two kids.

Anne had a non-traditional engagement ring in her first marriage. Phillips “proposed with a Garrard ring containing a center sapphire surrounded by a pair of diamonds in 1973,” according to The Court Jeweller. Her previous engagement ring and the one she received from Laurence have one thing in common: they both use a multicolored sapphire as a jewel rather than the standard, clean diamond. Laurence’s cabochon sapphire is set on a simple gold ring with tiny diamonds on each side of the sapphire.

After the dissolution of her first marriage, Anne was fortunate to find love a second time, marrying Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence on December 12, 1992, in Crathie Kirk in Scotland. They have no bio kids together.

Anne was almost abducted, something many individuals may not be aware of. The princess was abducted on March 20, 1974. The incident came only a few months after her first marriage.

Anne claimed that she was confronted by an armed guy named Ian Ball. He opened the door, and they had a sort of ‘conversation’ about where they were going or not, Anne explained. She informed him, though, that it would be much better if he simply walked away and they’d all forget about it.

Ball tried to escape the scene but was apprehended by authorities. It was then discovered that he planned to kidnap the princess for $4 million.

Anne has clearly had an active life, and at 72, the Princess Royal does not look to be slowing down any time soon. S he had over 500 engagements in 2019. Anne admits to cramming her agenda and stated that her vision of retirement is not as conventional as many may believe.

She don’t think retirement is the same for her, Anne said. Most individuals would say they’re really fortunate not to be in that circumstance since one wouldn’t want to simply quit.  It is mostly determined by the organizations in which one are connected and if they believe one is still relevant.

Anne is actively committed with humanitarian organizations and has been involved with Save the Children for almost 50 years; in 1990, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Without a question, the late queen must have been quite pleased of the lady her only daughter became throughout her lifetime.

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