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Man Arrested Over ‘Derogatory’ Bumper Sticker On His Pickup Truck

There have been suggestions that America is experiencing a “free speech problem,” with individuals claiming that it is prevalent on the internet and college campuses. The situation that saw demonstrators pepper-sprayed and social media messages being investigated or even monitored.

This dilemma may be witnessed anywhere in the United States, including Florida, where Dillon Shane Webb, 23, was stopped for a decal on his automobile. A sheriff’s deputy in Lake City requested Webb to stop over because his vehicle sticker was disparaging.

Webb’s decal, which stated I Eat Ass in huge, strong characters, was plastered across the rear window of his truck. The apprehended individual objected to the cop’s classification of his decal, asking what was so offensive about it.

As an example, the deputy describes a 10-year-old child seeing the decal and asking his mother what it means, and how the parent is expected to explain it. Webb reacted to the officer by arguing that was the parent’s duty, not his, and that the arrest for his decal was unjustified.

Man arrested for "I Eat Ass" sticker.

Posted by Bow-Tie Army on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Webb was even asked if he could erase one of the letters “s” from the sticker so that it read I Eat As instead of I Eat Ass. Webb was questioned before the deputy attempted to arrest him, but when he refused, he was charged with resisting arrest and indecency.

Webb’s attorney, Andrew Bonderud, describes his client’s reluctance to remove what he believed safeguarded his right to free expression as a heroic act. In his remarks, he also acknowledged Webb’s bravery.

Webb’s charges were withdrawn by Thursday, and the Assistant State Attorney, John Foster Durrett, issued a statement. In his statement, he stated that the Defendant, Webb, had a solid defense to his arrest under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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