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Eric Roberts ‘can’t stand’ being apart from his wife, who mistook him for gay when they met on a plane.

Eric Roberts had a great start to his Hollywood career, which started in the 1970s. The actor’s debut film role was in “Runaway Train,” which won him three Golden Globe nods.

There was no turning back from here, as Eric went on to star in further blockbusters such as “King of the Gypsies” and “Star 80.” Eric had a life-changing drop near the top of his profession that challenged the basis of everything he had established as a famous actor.

The star succumbed to the snares of drug addiction, however a powerful shock from his wife saved him. Here’s a look back at his troubled years, his wife’s soothing influence, and his surviving marriage.

Eric Roberts and Eliza Garrett met on a plane flying from New York to Los Angeles. The two had been seat companions, but it didn’t quite work. In an interview, the pair discussed how they met.

Robert joked that his wife didn’t want him to tell her the story, but they had been reading movie screenplays on the aircraft. According to the Hollywood veteran, he and Garrett closed the scripts simultaneously, providing a gap for them to talk across.

During their brief conversation, the two discovered they had much in common. Eric also realized that Eliza Garrett’s father was David Rayfiel, his favorite playwright.

Garrett cut her off, saying she “didn’t even want to talk shop,” but the previous weekend had been a big one for Eric because of his Oscar nomination. She continued, saying that there were all these bizarre links. But she assumed he was homosexual since he was incredibly attractive and had a cat named Tender on his lap.

Garrett raved about her husband’s sex appeal and how it had initially confused her. During the interview, she stated he’s had the bad-boy image from the age of 19 to the age of 59, and his crush-worthiness transcends decades and genders.

Garrett’s great friendship with Eric was not hampered by Eric’s bad-boy persona. Six years after their “love at first script” debut, the Hollywood stars married. Eric and Garrett tied the knot on August 11, 1992.

Eliza Garrett is a Hollywood aristocracy thanks to her film executive father. The celebrity grew up to pursue a profession in the industry. She is an actor and casting director who has worked on films such as “Tasmanian Devil,” “Dr. Who: The Movie,” and “National Lampoon’s Animal House.”

Garrett, who was previously married to James Simons, has been Eric Roberts’ loving wife since their marriage 30 years ago. She was also on his side when he observed a fairly shocking incident.

Eric became hooked on narcotics at some time. His career suffered as a result of the consequences, and he became a “pothead.” Garrett watched her husband walk away, but she shocked him by asking him to choose between her and “coke.”

When Eric’s automobile was damaged in an accident, his drug usage reached a breaking point. When the celebrity awoke from his coma, his speech and movement were severely impaired.

It took Eric two months to regain his identity, and Garrett remained at his side the entire time. After lifting himself up, Eric’s profession suffered. He no longer received casting calls and was forced to rely on B movies.

With his wife’s encouragement and unflinching dedication, the “Best of the Best” actor appeared in up to 70 films. Eric, on the other hand, became the punchline owing to his aversion to B movies.

This was a trying time in his profession, but Garrett supported him. Eric kept working with her words, and he soon had 250 videos. This constant transformed him from a joke to an actor capable of excelling in every part.

The pair has been married for three decades and counting, and Eric still feels the same way he did on the first day.

Eric cited honesty and a fantastic sex life while discussing the key to the relationship. Garrett acknowledged their happy marriage to solid communication and the fact that she and Eric worked together.

Eric and Garrett have come a long way as a celebrity couple. After 30 years of marriage, the couple recognized how vital it was to be each other’s companion.

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