Woman fumes as new neighbour’s ‘shrieking’ kids use trampoline by bedroom window

They say you can’t select your family, and this is frequently true of your neighbours. Having and being a good neighbour is important. If you have a problem with a neighbor, it is usually preferable to address the matter with the neighbor and have the neighbors behave accordingly so that both parties are pleased in the end. Read the story to know what issues this woman has with her neighbours and what do you think she should do?

Source: Mumsnet

Old lady next door moved into a care home. New family has moved in with 4 young kids and a dog.

During the lockdowns the old lady’s family set up a trampoline at the top of the garden, in front of her conservatory, so that grandchildren could come into the garden and play and she could watch them from the conservatory without risk etc.

BUT the trampoline in it’s current position is about 5 metres from my loft office and our bedroom window. The noise/ shrieking etc from kids in summer was terrible and meant I couldn’t have my window open while working and occasionally had to end zoom calls as it was too distracting. The trampoline is also about 4 metres from our patio (on other side of fence) so also spoilt quiet evenings sitting out etc. During the pandemic I just accepted this, but the prospect of years of 4 children using it so close is depressing!

The gardens are about 40 metres long. Can I/ should I explain and ask new neighbours to move it when we meet them?

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