Eva Green Supports Johnny Depp: ‘I Have No Doubt He’ll Emerge With His Good Name’

Eva Green has backed Johnny Depp, saying she has ‘no doubt’ he will ‘arise with his good name’ following his court struggle with Amber Heard.

The French actress, 41, thinks the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s life will be ‘better than ever’ after the sensational Virginia court battle concludes.

On Thursday, she turned to Instagram to express her support for Johnny, 58, and uploaded a photo of herself and the actor promoting their 2012 film Dark Shadows.

Eva wrote that she has no doubt Johnny will emerge with his excellent name and lovely heart exposed to the world, and life will be better than it has ever been for him and his family.

Johnny is suing his ex-wife, 36, for $50 million in defamation after her 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which she discussed being a victim of domestic abuse.

Amber, the Aquaman star, has countersued for $100 million, and the court matter has gained prominence in recent weeks, with Amber stating that her husband abused and threatened her.

Johnny has refuted his ex-charges wife’s violent behavior and recently claimed in court that the claims have cost him “nothing less than everything.” When questioned about what he had lost as a result of Amber’s essay’s publishing, he said, ‘Nothing less than everything.’

When the charges were revealed he was quickly traveling the world, telling people he was a drunken cocaine-fueled threat who battered women suddenly in his 50s. It was all over.

So, what happened to Depp? What was the impact on him? In his words, ‘regardless of the outcome of this trial, the second the charges were made against me, the second they metastasized and became fodder for the media, that’s when I lost.’

Because of the high prominence of the case, the Edward Scissorhands actor feels the charges will follow him forever.

He continued that he lost because that is not something that somebody is going to put on your back for a short length of time. Because of the charges and the fact that it was such a high-profile case, he will have to live with it forever.

Amber stated in court that she fought ‘really hard’ to continue in the Aquaman sequel after sequences were cut and ‘contact ended’ with the producers after Johnny’s team portrayed her assault accusations as a ‘fake story.’

She said she was called a “liar” during the $100 million defamation trial since Johnny, 58, is the “larger star” with “greater publicity reach.”

Amber said in court in Virginia that Johnny’s ‘sophisticated PR machine’ sought to portray her as a liar in the media, which harmed her profession.

Her evidence was reinforced by her talent agency, Jessica Kovacevic, who said on Thursday that the actress’s ascent to prominence was hampered by claims made by Johnny’s lawyer that she fabricated her wounds.

Amber was slated to receive $2 million for her role in Aquaman 2, according to Kovacevic, but Warner Bros. chose to reduce her role due to a ‘lack of chemistry’ between Amber and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa. According to Kovacevic, it is improbable that an actor participating in a film as popular as Aquaman will not have their profession take off.

Aquaman was DC’s most successful film, making $940.7 million, and Kovacevic believes Amber should have had a similar, if lesser, rise to stardom as her co-star, Jason Momoa.

Kovacevic stated Amber’s celebrity was dimmed owing to the charges made by Johnny’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, who claimed Amber had staged her wounds and the damages to Depp’s Los Angeles apartment.

Amber testified on Monday that she battled incredibly hard to stay in the movie Aquaman 2. They refused to feature her in the film.

She was given a script and then given updated versions of the script that removed action parts. Without giving any secrets away, this is illustrated by a character and another character battling with one another. They really took a lot of her responsibilities away from her. They just deleted a large number.

She revealed on Tuesday that she does not know if she’ll even be in the final edit or how much she’ll be. It was tough to keep focused on the film.

When questioned what she has done since Depp’s legal team called her accusations of sexual assault a fraud, she answered, she has done one little independent picture.

Johnny has stated that it was his Hollywood contacts that helped Amber land the role on Aquaman, despite Amber’s assertion that she secured the job on her own.

Her comments came after 4.2 million people signed a petition asking DC Warner Bros. to remove Amber from the part of Aquaman 2 in the film.

Amber previously revealed that she did not donate $3.5 million from her divorce settlement with Depp to charity, although assuring the UK’s High Court that she had.

She stated in court that she had “not been able to fulfill those responsibilities yet since Johnny sued her for $50 million in March 2019.

Johnny’s lawyer inquired as to whether she had disclosed the contribution as she desired “praise” and “positive press.”

She explained that wasn’t her interest. Her concern is with her name – with cleaning it. Her intentions were being questioned at the time, and she was being labelled a “lie.” It was crucial to clarify that.

She continued that she wanted to make a statement to make sure there was no question. That she couldn’t be labeled these things just because Johnny was a greater star with a wider reach.

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