UP IN THEIR GRILL: Salty customer flips out at McDonald’s employees, calls 911 over wrong order

A lady from Florida was detained on Friday after tossing and smashing stuff over at a McDonald’s.

Tianis Jones, 22, planned to pick up her order of a Happy Meal, chocolate shake, Filet-o-Fish sandwich, tea, and fries that she had placed online.

She was told to pull up to the third window when she arrived at the drive-thru. Instead, Jones defied the instructions, parked her car, and went into the restaurant to correct the error.

Jones’ encounter with staff was recorded on security footage at McDonald’s. She grew so enraged that she dialed 911 to report the incorrect order. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd only released two minutes of Jones’ 911 call, while the full call lasted ten minutes.

911 Call: Pregnant Woman Goes "McNuts" Over 15-Minute Wait for McDonald's Order in Florida

911 CALL: "McMAD" OVER 15-MINUTE WAIT | Deputies say pregnant 22-year-old Tianis Jones called 911 to report having to wait 15 minutes for her McDonald's order. In the audio, you can hear her threaten an employee, saying, "I'll beat yo' a**, pregnant n' all." Warning: the 911 audio contains inappropriate language and is not suitable for all audiences. STORY:

Posted by WFLA J.B. Biunno on Saturday, 21 May 2022

Jones added that she is five months pregnant and she is at McDonalds. These folks have no idea how to manage McDonald’s. She needs her money. They attempted to defraud her of her money.

Jones’ sister tried unsuccessfully to calm her down. Furthermore, McDonald’s attempted to repay Jones, but she declined. The 22-year-old started knocking down food condiments on the counter and then walked behind the counter to dump stacks of cups.

Jones would eventually leave McDonald’s, but not without first twerking.

Judd remarked, “I’m not sure what was wrong with her that night. I’m not sure if she was two fries shy of a Happy Meal, but she made a McMess and pretended to be a McNut. She became a McBurglar.”

Tianis Jones is charged with burglary, assault, criminal mischief, disorderly behavior, and 911 usage.

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