Every Baby Delivered By This Doctor Gets A Personalized Gift From Him.

33-year-old Erik Bostrom is a family doctor in Northern Minnesota. But he’s not your average, run-of-the-mill family doctor. He loves delivering babies as part of his job. But HE takes it a step further by keeping his patients in stitches…. uhhh… the GOOD kind.

Because for every single baby delivered by Erik, he sews it a very personalized baby blanket. Erik had just joined the Riverwood Healthcare Center, and he really wanted to do something to attract patients, since he was the new guy on the block.

One of the nurses there suggested he make baby blankets. So he thought about it. And then, it occurred to him that he’s stitched up patients before, so why not do some special stitching? He then bought himself a sewing machine and asked his mom and sister-in-law to teach him how to sew and embroider. And now he personalizes blankets for every baby he delivers.

The blanket has the baby’s name, the birth date, the baby’s length, and how much the baby weighed at birth. Soon, news of Erik’s special treatment for newborns went viral. So it’s very likely he’ll be picking up even MORE baby business. In the meantime, he’ll keep on sharpening his skills with that needle. 

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