Heartbreaking Note From A 7Yr Old Boy To His Friends Before Leaving For Heaven.

In Plymouth, England, a young boy named Marshall Clark struggled for three years with Batten Disease, which is a disorder of the nervous system. Through much of those three years he was robbed of doing all the little things that young boys like to do, but he did make many friends.

The disease, however, got aggressive and finally took the little boy’s life. During the last 10 months of his life, he was bedridden, lost his vision, his mobility and his ability to communicate. And his mother, Lara, could only watch in pain as her son got worse, and finally died. “He’s in heaven now,” she said. “This was his hell and now he is free.”

Before Marshall got to the point to where he could not move at all, he wrote a letter to all of his loved ones. And this was his letter: “It’s okay because nana has told me all about heaven and about all the wonderful things I will be able to do when I am there. There will be loads of slides and strawberries and cupcakes, and I will be able to eat again and run and watch videos. Be happy for me that I am no longer trapped in a body that stopped me from enjoying my childhood. I am now free to do all the things I have missed so very much. Lots and lots of love to you all, your Marshall.”

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