Reason Why This Woman Adopted A Deaf And Partially Blind Dog Is Really Heartbreaking.

When most people want to adopt a dog, they want a dog that suits their needs perfectly. And usually that’s a very young, very easy-to-get-along-with dog that’s not gonna cause any problems. But because of that, so many other dogs are left behind…. to wait…. and wait.

Melani Andrews however had a different mindset when she walked into the Animal Shelter in Sacremento. She asked them to lead her to their older, hardest-to-adopt dog. And there, the 72-year-old grandmother was introduced to Jake, an old dog that has cancer and skin issues. He’s also deaf and partially blind.

So why in the world would Melani want a dog like Jake? Well, Melani had just lost her husband and her other dog. And she knew loneliness all to well. So she wanted to get a dog that felt like she did. And that was Jake, a dog that had been at the shelter for so long, and had been passed up by so many for cuter, younger dogs.

So Melani adopted Jake and took him home. She has cared for him and he has given her great comfort. And now the two of them… together… are no longer lonely. And for Melani… and Jake… that’s what really matters. 

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