Every Child Will Remember Their Mother After Reading This.

Story by Mehr Lee

Mother is more than a person.

She is the force that brought us into this world and the one who has guided us down our paths ever since. Where the road jolts us from our seat, she is the gentle rocking that soothes us back on track.

When the noise of life becomes too loud, she is the soft lullaby of peaceful promise. When we are tempted to stray toward the darkness, she is the golden light. When the storm sweep in, she is the rainbow inside of the raindrops.

When we are trudging up mountains, she is the wind at our back, pushing us onward and upward. And when we finally come to the crest of the hill, she is the sunshine that warms our skin.

No matter the distance we travel in life, Mother is the space we can all return to. A place that will always remind us from where we came.

Mother is more than a person. She is love, she is light, she is home. Here’s to all the amazing Mothers out there. You move the world. ♥️

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