Real Struggle Of A Mother Which Everyone Can Relate To.

Story by Laura Mazza

I felt guilty for being on my phone instead of paying attention to my kids. But in that time I organised three playdates, found a good doctor, got recipes for dinner and talked to a friend.

I felt guilty for leaving my kids at home to do the grocery shopping, but in that time they had quality time with their grandmother and I got pictures of them eating and playing happily while I was stuck in a busy shopping queue in the heat.

I felt guilty for getting takeaway instead of cooking, but in that time my children were fed and no one was exhausted.

I felt guilty for going out by myself. For going out with my friends or going out with my husband. But in that time I relaxed, and I came back more happier than I’d been in a long time… and I loved them a little more.

I feel guilty for yelling, but in that time my child learnt different emotions, that people make mistakes, and I got the opportunity to teach them how to say sorry.

I felt guilty for giving my baby formula, but in that time I was able to rest my nipples, pump a little more, and come back ready to do it again. I felt guilty for giving formula when I didn’t have enough supply, but in that time my baby wasn’t ‘failing to thrive’ anymore.

I felt guilty breastfeeding in public. Wait, no I didn’t. And I never should. I felt guilty for staying home while my husband earned the wage… but in that time I was able to be with my baby. I felt guilty for returning to work because I couldn’t be with my baby, but in that time I was able to contribute to my family.

I felt guilty for the way I gave birth, but in that time my child grew perfectly just like every other baby his age. 

I felt guilty because I am a mother. I am a mother who can’t always cook, who has stayed at home and worked full time, who doesn’t always play with her kids, who can’t look fit and perfect and still have the energy to take her husband to bed.

I am a mother, and in that time I learned that I feel guilty, I stress and I worry, and it’s because of the love I have for my children that I try my best to be perfect. Even though I’m not, I learnt that my children are happy, they are fed and clothed and they are loved, and I shouldn’t waste any time letting guilt stop me from enjoying them.

Because in their eyes, I’m perfect the way I am.

You are perfect the way you are. ❤️

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