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Every night, this church opens its doors to 225 homeless individuals, allowing them to sleep inside.

Homelessness is a global issue that just cannot be overlooked.

It is virtually pandemic in certain cities. San Francisco is one such city, with an estimated 7,000 homeless individuals living on the streets.

That’s a lot when compared to other homeless populations! This places the so-called “City of Love” in the top 10 of the country in terms of homeless people.

To put the figure into context, around 500,000 individuals are now homeless in the United States. The notion that there are so many homeless people living in such a concentrated location makes solving the problem extremely challenging.

Fortunately, some decent samaritans and individuals with pure hearts are doing everything they can to assist alleviate the dire situation.

Sometimes desperation leads to desperate methods. Sadly, San Francisco’s high proportion of homelessness implies that crime is on the rise.

With only the rich able to afford housing, many are forced to walk the streets, unable to appropriately house, feed, or clothe themselves.

Unsurprisingly, social services in the city are overburdened, with many of the poor unable to obtain hot meals or even safe places to sleep.

Fortunately, some decent Samaritans are acting.

The Gubbio Project has a single goal: to help offer homeless people with places to sleep and eat.

These facilities shelter an average of 225 homeless persons every night, do not require anybody to sign in, and offer meals as well as additional care and treatment to the needy.

The Gubbio Project is based in two churches: Saint Boniface and Saint John’s Apostical Church.

Care and friendliness are consistently available at both places.

Watch the movie below to meet a handful of the many homeless persons who have received refuge, care, and love from the excellent people at the Gubbio Project.

I’d love to know what you think of the Gubbio Project. Do you think more organizations should welcome homeless persons in need of shelter?

Please share this story to remind all of the significance of assisting our communities’ most disadvantaged people!

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