“Everybody Adored Him” – 12-Yr-Old Boy Dies Suddenly After Waking Up Excited On Christmas Day.

Death of a child is the most heartbreaking experience which no parent should ever go through.

Cason Hallwood, 12, like any child woke up thrilled on Christmas day and eagerly waited to open his Christmas gifts. He was the light of his family’s life. All loved him. He had a wonderful dinner at his grandparents home before going to the park with friends.

However after a few hours, he could hardly breathe and quickly called his mom. His mom Louise hurried to Wharton Recreation Park and gave her son his epinephrine auto injector but it failed to bring him back to life.

Cason was asthmatic and allergic to nuts. When he didn’t revive the mother quickly called for an ambulance. Sadly, the precious soul passed away on Christmas Day. His family and friends were speechless and were in complete shock.

Doctor’s believe Cason must have suffered an anaphylactic shock yet a post mortem is left to carry out.

Sam Decruz, a family friend, has created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family and for Cason’s funeral. Sam set the page to help reduce the burden of stress from the family.

The tragic and sudden shock must be definitely heartbreaking for Cason’s family. May they find the strength to bear this pain and loss. We hope that their little angel is resting peacefully in heaven.

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