Letter From WWII Soldier Delivered To His Family 76 Years After He Mailed It.

Hand written letters are the best since it brings a special touch to the memories and when it’s a 76 year old letter its a treasure to cherish.

Angelina Gonsalves received a special delivery from the US Postal Service on December 9. It was a hand written later by her late husband Sgt. John Gonsalves who was then 22 year old Army solider in Germany.

The letter was written to his mother dated December 6, 1945, many months after World War II ended.

However after 76 years and three days it was delivered by the USPS to his widow. Angelina explained how wonderful she felt when she got to read the letter. Her face had lit up she her husband’s hand writing who died at the age of 92.

The son felt as if his dad was coming back for the holiday season.

It must have truly been a wonderful Christmas gift for the family.

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