YouTuber Adalia Rose Williams Dead At 15: ‘She Is No Longer In Pain.’

This YouTuber who had a rare disorder made her life so meaningful and beautiful that she has made a lasting imprint on all of the lives she touched.

At 3 months old Adalia Rose from Texas was diagnosed with Hutchinson Gilford progeria, a genetic disorder. The condition was also known as Benjamin Button disease after it was displayed in the short story by Brad Pitt which sketched the life of a man with progeria.

Worldwide the condition affects less than 500 children and is categorised by quick presence of ageing starting in childhood. The average life expectancy is around 13 years old.

As Adalia grew up she became famous on social media by having on YouTube 2.91 million subscribers and on Instagram 379,000 followers. Her first video was posted 9 years ago where she sang “Jesus Loves me”. Videos of her dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style and Vanilla Ice went viral in 2015.

In December 2019, Michael Costello, designer of Jennifer Lopez presented Adalia the YouTuber star on her 13th birthday two dream dresses.

Adalia at the age of 15 died on January 12, 2022 at 7pm due to her condition. Her family expressed on her Instagram page that wish this wasn’t true but it is and that she is finally free from all the pain.

They even thanked everyone for the immense love and support given to her and finally with a grateful heart all the doctors and nurses who helped Adalia to be healthy till she was alive.

Touching and inspiring the lives of many, may this angelic social media star rest in peace.

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