Veteran And Wife Are Freezing At Night Until Kids Help Build Them A New Tiny Home.

No matter how big or small an act of kindness is never wasted. Here is a heart touching story that shows age is no bar for doing an act of kindness.

Navy veteran Eddie Browning, 61, and his wife Cindy Browning, 59, were struggling in their fire-damaged camper to stay warm and were praying for a roof over their heads. However their prayers were answered by students from Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA and volunteers had made a tiny home for the couple. It was gifted to them at the Georgia Tiny House Festival in Eatonton at the Ooh La La Lavender Farm.

The Brownings were speechless with tears of joy when they discovered that it was their new home and were astonished by the efforts made by the school children. The students had started their project but did not present it to Brownings since they didn’t have a legal place to put it. Fortunately organizers with the Georgia Tiny House Festival and Ooh La La Lavender Farms solved their issue by allowing them to store it on their farm.

By the way, the generosity didn’t stop here. Donors, corporate sponsors and volunteers all contributed to fill the home with facilities like electricity, plumbing, appliances and adding a larger extension to the house making the tiny new home a proper home to live in. The tiny home will be brought back in Norwood to the Brownings property.

A video below shows how the kids are excited about showing their hard work and giving a tour of the 248 sq ft home. The project was a huge success that the Elm Street Elementary School will build a new home each year for a family truly in need. Their motto for their venture is “tiny house, big dreams.”

Let us all try to sprinkle kindness, love and care wherever we go.

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