Ex-Employee Writes An Honest Review On Glassdoor, And It Immediately Causes The Company To Lose Its Candidates.

A screamer is never forgotten. No one really wants to work for one, either. In this story a worker was berated in front of their colleagues by their supervisor, they thought it was time to go. They also left an honest assessment of the firm on Glassdoor, which instantly harmed the company. Read the story to know what happened and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

So I had been working at a small agency for 8 years. I worked my way up from a Junior to Senior Management very quickly. For most of the 8 years. The managers were very nice to me. But I witnessed them being shi&^y to other members of staff a lot. But because it never involved me or my team. I never stepped in.

A few months before I left. Something happened where my MD was YELLING at me infront of my team. This was something completely out of my control, and in the grand scheme of things, completely fixable and a non-issue (it was just i didnt have the correct information for her there and then). I typically handed in my notice after this incident and made it clear of my distaste in the management.

After I left, I put a very honest but fair review on glassdoor. I mentioned the manager’s mood swings and historic abusive behaviour.

It’s been 4 months since I left there and I feel so much happier. I’m still in contact with a few people that work there as I was great friends with them. They’ve been telling me that my review has caused them to lose 3 great candidates in interviews and has caused others to start putting more information on Glassdoor about them.

The MD’s salary was put on there and it has been QUITE a stir. She earned triple of what I was making yet all of us did triple the amount of work she did. I’ve heard that 4 people have handed in their notice THIS WEEK ALONE. The place is only a 20 person company.

I’ve heard from one of the staff members that my review (although the managers don’t fully know it was my review) has caused the 2 managers to finally see the issues with each other and now they’re blaming each other for it.

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