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Utah Brother and Sister Die in Car Crash on Their Way to School Right in Front of Mom.

Moms and dads are guided by parental impulses as they raise their children from birth until they leave the nest. It is critical for every guardian to ensure that their kids are loved and protected, and they will go to any length to keep them safe.

A mother and her children were walking to school when their lives were flipped upside down. They were a joyful family one minute, and then they were arranging a funeral the next.

The family of the two young children killed Monday morning while walking to school in Provo, shared this photo with 2…

Posted by Heidi Hatch on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Hidalgo family liked living in Provo, Utah, and relocated there from Peru to provide greater chances for their children. The kids couldn’t wait for the start of the new school year.

On a routine Monday morning in August, the three siblings and their mom chose to go to school, not understanding it would result in tragedy.

As they strolled down the street, the mother photographed her son and daughter, who were both carrying school bags and holding hands. She had no idea that would be one of their final images.

The young woman stated that all witnesses were overcome with emotion when they witnessed the seriousness of the catastrophe.

Right in front of her eyes, her biggest dread came true. Things swiftly spun out of control on their morning walk to Wasatch Elementary School, and the mom had no control over anything.

A car traveling by the family swerved out of control, striking two youngsters. The white SUV also struck Sabrina Pendleton’s house and destroyed a gas line. The commotion startled her, and she dashed outside, explaining she  heard a succession of crashes before feeling the automobile impact their house. She  raced down the street a little and found two toddlers lying in the street with others performing CPR on them.

The young woman stated that all spectators felt great emotions since they could see the seriousness of the event and understood the wounds may be deadly. Pendleton went on that the vehicle had passed across the front yard. Outside, everyone was terrified. 

Police were looking into why Darren Albertson, 59, had lost control of the car. He perished in the collision as well, and the facts regarding the occurrence remained unknown.

Officials were still trying to figure out when Albertson died at the end of August. Det. Shad LeFevre of the Provo Police Department stated that was it before the crash or was it during the crash? These are questions they can’t answer; they’ll have to wait for the medical examiner’s report.

Provo Police Capt. Brian Taylor stated that the case will be taken very seriously as it involved a traffic collision with a tragic loss of life. He continued that they are looking into every detail and possible reason for this event. This loss of life is right here in Provo, and they feel it, as do the families who have been affected.

The entire town was devastated for the bereaved family. Friends, relatives, and strangers all came to the crash scene to leave flowers and balloons for the kids. Carolina Galindo, one woman, stated that life is so fleeting. She’d  like them to know that they’re on their side. They’re very sorry, and wish they could do more to make them feel better.

Provo After the disaster, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi met with the media and expressed her condolences. After such a horrible incident, she stated that there were no winners.

Caleb Price, a spokesman for the City School District, stated that students at the sibling’s school will have access to trauma therapy. He saw that everyone was stunned and in complete astonishment, and he urged students to come seek aid if one needed it.

Maybe, friends and relatives of the deceased will seek counseling to help them cope with their loss and sadness. It is never easy to lose somebody.

When deaths are as tragic and unexpected as this, there is an immediate need for emotional and financial support.

To assist the family, individuals of the community established a GoFundMe page. Nearly $60,000 has been given by the end of August 2022. A family acquaintance also supplied an update on the family’s situation. He stated, clearly, that it was the worst day of their life. Beyond comprehension. It’s difficult for them to express how they feel.

We send our condolences and prayers to the family during this difficult time. 

The two little angels Rest In Peace.

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