Ex-husband ‘abducts three children and takes them to Tunisia’

Dawn Daley, 43, claimed Fares Aljehani, 33, duped her into permitting him to take their children on a beach vacation in a fishing hamlet in north Yorkshire.

Unbeknownst to her, Lybian citizen Aljehani reportedly travelled from the UK to Tunisia with his 3 kids and his new wife Samiyah, who is in her twenties.

She feels like there’s nothing worth life for without them, devastated Dawn, from Manchester, said. He’s split her family in two.

Dawn stated that she last heard from her three children, Khalid, eight, Aasiyah, six, and Maimunah, four, more than two weeks ago after handing them off with their father.

But she was left in a state of ‘anxiety’ after he did not respond to her messages and looked to have left his house ten days later when she went to pick up her children.

Dawn then talked with the proprietor of the restaurant where Aljehani worked, who confirmed he had departed a day earlier to relocate abroad.

And the horrified mother said she was then informed by Greater Manchester Police that Fares and Samiyah Aljehani had been arrested on suspicion of ‘abduction.’

The cops have stated they’ve followed them all the way to Tunisia, she said. They boarded the plane in a group of five.

Fares is a Libyan national, and she has been to Libya and Tunisia before, and it’s only a few hours journey from Tunisia to Libya, so when they mentioned that, she simply knew they were there.

She always had this concern that he’s going to do something, she continued.

Dawn, a full-time mother from Manchester, said her ex-husband had requested her to babysit their children for 10 days in August for a trip to Robin Hood Bay in North Yorks.

She said she divorced Aljehani, who migrated to the UK in 2009, two years ago because his rigid beliefs caused ‘issues’ in their marriage.

The idea was for him to take them to Robin Hood Bay for a week and then drop them off the following Wednesday, she explained.

She didn’t talk to them at that period since their father doesn’t allow her to communicate with them.

During their marriage, he grew more into his religion and whatnot – and that caused issues, because he expected her to be at the level he was at with it, she revealed.

Dawn stated that she started calling and messaging her ex-husband a few days before he was supposed to deliver their 3 kids to her, but she received no answer.

Two days before August 10, she began calling his phone number, and kept getting the message, ‘This number is not accepting calls at the moment, please try again later,’ she explained.

She simply assumed they were in a terrible service area or something. She’d also texted him a few times, but couldn’t tell if it was delivered, read, or anything.

Dawn stated that she then went to Fares Aljehani’s house on August 10, but that it appeared abandoned and that she was told by his neighbor that he had sold his car.

She drove down to his place on Wednesday around 12.30pm, she explained.

She really knocked on the upstairs neighbor’s door. He said he hadn’t seen him in a long time. ‘Have you seen his car?’ she inquired. ‘I assume he sold it,’ he replied.

Dawn went to a takeout store where Fares had worked on weekends, but his manager informed her that the father had given his notice and gone away.

She walked in and inquired for the boss and said, ‘Does Fares work here?’ she explained. ‘No, he’s gone,’ he answered, looking at her.

The heartbroken mother immediately called the police, and the next day, August 11, she claimed, specialist officers started to investigate her missing children.

Dawn said that Fares and Samiyah Aljehani boarded a TUI aircraft from Manchester airport with her three children on August 8.

Clearly, when they flew out, Samiyah just seemed like their mother, because they all have the same name, she explained.

And in terms of getting permission from the mother and all, they would have just glanced at her and assumed she was her mother.

She knows the kids had Libyan passports that their father obtained for them, but she retained the British passports because she has always been afraid of this.

A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman acknowledged that they had received complaints that three kids were missing from a residence in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, and that their investigations were ongoing.

‘On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, Police received a complaint that three children, aged 8, 6, and 4, were missing from their house in Wythenshawe,’ they stated.

‘It is assumed that the youngsters are with a family member. The search for the children’s location is still underway.

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office representative stated that their staff were offering ‘help’ to the family of three missing kids in Manchester.

They are offering help to the family of three missing kids and are in contact with Greater Manchester Police, they stated.

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