Ex-Store Greeter Shared That He Never Got In The Way Of Moms Who Tried To Steal Baby Products.

A previous Walmart door greeter has said that when consumers left his shop with daycare products that were not on their receipts, he would frequently turn a blind eye. Brandon Tamayo, also known as @brandontamayo02 on TikTok, revealed his encounters in a video that has received over 1.4 million views. 

Brandon Tamayo (user @brandontamayo02) stitched a video from user @commlion with the audio “If you witness someone stealing, no you didn’t.” 

@brandontamayo02 #stitch with @commlion #walmart #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – Brandon Tamayo

The video then went to Tamayo, who described his previous job as a door greeter at Walmart. Tamayo explained that his job was mostly greeting people at their arrival, wishing them a happy day, and checking their receipts upon their departure. Tamayo said that on many instances, he saw consumers having childcare supplies in their bags that were not on their invoices. 

However, rather than reporting them, Tamayo stated that he preferred to ignore this. Each time he saw a customer, usually a lady, and reviewed the ticket and noticed Pampers or baby formula that wasn’t on the receipt, he just said, ‘Have a wonderful day.’ 

Tamayo justified his choice to ignore these incidents of stealing by citing the growing expenses of these items, especially formula and diapers, as well as the cost of raising children. 

He also mentioned how there was practically no motivation for him or his coworkers to report shoplifters at his establishment. “And neither my store nor the corporation as a whole got a reward for the quantity of items we caught people stealing.”

While Tamayo was aware that his acts were not unnoticed by his superiors, he didn’t give it much attention. This was due to his hourly wage of $11.50. 

In the video’s comments area, Tamayo’s narrative sparked an ethical discussion. His video gained over 1.4 million views and generated a discussion about theft in the comments section. 

Several others praised Tamayo’s efforts, including a couple former Walmart employees who admitted to doing the same. 

“Not all heroes wear capes,” noted one commenter. 

“We need to nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize,” someone else jokes.

Some commenters agreed with Tamayo that personnel are underpaid to deal with people who steal stuff. 

“Walmart staff aren’t paid enough to battle those who steal,” one person said.

“I didn’t care about it when I worked for Walmart since I didn’t earn enough money for it,” another remarked. 

Others, however, could not condone Tamayo’s acts, no matter how honourable they were, believing that shoplifting should not be permitted under any circumstances. 

“I understand that children are expensive, but there is no justification for stealing.” “Just my humble opinion,” remarked one person. 

“Stealing is always bad. If you can’t afford these items, there are plenty of government programmes that can help you pay for them,” another person replied. 

With a remark condemning his decision to allow shoplifting included in an overlay, Tamayo informed viewers how delighted he was for comments criticising his actions, stating it enabled him to “finally use [his] degree.”

@brandontamayo02 Reply to @abdellsamra #welfare #welfarecheck #baby #government #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Brandon Tamayo

Tamayo initially said that government help may be hard to obtain depending on the state in which you live. Tamayo also mentioned that families are frequently not granted enough food stamps to feed their entire family, making it even harder to buy vital infant requirements like formula and diapers. 

Tamayo’s video spurred many TikTokers who were experiencing similar issues to come out and share their stories. 

Tamayo’s actions may have been unethical, but there’s no denying his heart was in the right place. 

Both of these movies fueled a much-needed conversation on child poverty and hunger in the United States, which has regrettably been happening for quite a long time. 

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