Kansas Dad Fires 90 Rounds During Hostage Standoff, Police Accidentally Kill His 2-Year-Old Daughter With Their Single Shot

During a hostage crisis, a police officer inadvertently shot and killed a two-year-old child. Police were summoned to Eli Crawford’s caravan in Baxter Springs, Kansas, when Taylor Shutte,27, requested assistance, ending in a three-hour standoff.

When they arrived at her boyfriend’s mobile home, he slammed the door in their faces after realising it was the cops. Clesslynn, their daughter, reopened the door, and her mother hurried out. He then
exited the house and fatally shot Taylor.

Clesslynn returned to the caravan, and a shootout ensued, with Crawford,37, shooting more than 90 bullets at police. Despite the fact that gunfire was still being fired at them, officers withdrew without
responding. An hour later, the gunshots unexpectedly came to a halt. Inside, they discovered the deaths of Clesslyn and Crawford; she had been shot by a police bullet, and he had committed himself.
According to state authorities, Crawford shot Taylor Shutte multiple times before she died. Clesslynn was shot by an unidentified Joplin Police Department officer.

According to her obituary, ‘Clesslynn was full of life and had a very effervescent character.  She was usually cheerful and kind. She was exceptionally intelligent for her age and enjoyed making everyone
smile.’ Clesslynn adored Minnie Mouse, her binky, and never missed an opportunity to dance. She could have you talking for days and was the epitome of “A BOSS BABY.” ‘She loved to snuggle and, despite her little stature, she was a ferocious little girl. Clesslynn had angelic eyes and a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. There was never a dull moment while she was around.’

The officer suspected of firing the fatal shot has been placed on standard administrative leave by the Joplin Police Department.

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