Ex-Wife Asks If She Wrong For Refusing To Pick Ex’s Step Daughter As Her Mother And Daughter Agrees She Acted Selfish.

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I (37F) have one child with my ex-husband, Matt (38M), Madison (16F). Every summer, she goes away to a sleep away camp for all of July and half of August. This year, Matt’s stepdaughter, Jenna (14F), decided she wants to go away to camp as well, and as far as I’m concerned, Madison is fine with that.

Matt’s new wife is a couple months pregnant and is due in August, most likely before the camp is over, but she will most likely still be recovering as her pregnancy is apparently very difficult.

Matt asked if I can pick both Madison and Jenna up from camp in case of an emergency with the pregnancy or possibly the baby. Madison does not live with me due to an issue with my fiancé and her but I told him I can try to find a way to pick up Madison however Jenna is not my responsibility and would have to find her own way home. The camp is a couple hours away but nothing too far.

His wife called and said I was being selfish as she can’t leave one child there while taking the other. It’s incredibly rude and shows I’m still bitter that he moved on. After that blatant disrespect I hung up and told Matt that he would have to pick up both girls so I’m not helping those people with anything.

My daughter is refusing to talk to me and my mother says I’m being selfish however my fiancé said my feelings are justified so I’m conflicted.

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