Ex-Wife Gets A Call Asking What To Cook As He Is Tired Eating Fast Food. Her Response Is Gold.

Everybody requires assistance in dealing with divorce, particularly in divorce recovery. When a marriage ends, it is never simple. But don’t despair! We can tell you that there will be brighter days ahead, no matter how difficult your divorce is. Focus on the positive. Be kind and do things that make you happy. Read this story of how this woman is dealing with her divorce.

Source: Reddit

Today my soon to be ex husband told me that the reason he has been eating so much fast food every day is because he doesn’t really know how to cook anymore after 10 years of me cooking for him all 3 meals a day (even when I was working more than he was). I wanted to be petty and mean.

He took me for granted in our marriage and I wanted to ask him if that had changed now we’ve been separated and living apart for 5 months. Instead I gave him some of the recipes that I remembered him liking that weren’t too difficult. And it felt SO GOOD. I realized it doesn’t matter if he still takes me for granted or if he feels sorry for treating me the way he did.

It’s in the past. I can’t change any of what happened. All I can control is my own choices, and I have to believe that choosing kindness is the best way to bring happiness into my life. Divorce feels so much like a battle some days, but I encourage everyone to choose kindness in the little moments you can, if only for that little boost of serotonin.

What would do in her position?

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