Teacher Calls Parents When Boy Lies And Contradicts Himself. But Was In Shock When Knows The Truth.

Being a stepparent to somebody else’s kids is a lovely relationship and a God-given blessing. It may provide some difficulties because it is difficult to love and accept someone else’s child. However, love and genuine efforts toward your stepchildren will bridge any divides and make them ultimately trust their stepfather or stepmother. Read this beautiful lovely story and it will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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My stepson is 11 and has a LOT of family going on. His bio mom was married to stepdad #1 for the first 8 years of his life and while they have separated he is still an active part of his life, gets him on some weekends, etc. Meanwhile his dad married me and I became stepmom #1. His mom is now engaged to stepdad #2, meanwhile stepdad #1 has remarried and my stepson considers his new wife to be stepmom as well – so stepmom #2.

He recently got a new teacher in the middle of the school year during COVID distance learning and his new teacher called a meeting with BM and my husband because she said she was concerned about him. She believes his imagination is running wild causing him to lie often, or possibly he had a mental health issue.

This worried my husband who looped stepdad #1 in and invited him to join the call too. So ALL of us end up on this zoom call with the teacher, all deeply concerned, and after we explained who all of us were, she burst out laughing.

Apparently stepson when in class refers to us all as “mom” or “dad” and doesn’t differentiate between parents vs step-parents. So he will say “my mom is a realtor” and then ten minutes later say “my mom is a doctor.” She thought he was having problems because he seemed to be blatantly lying in short timespans, contradicting himself.

It gave me a tinge of joy to know that he calls us all just ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ We’ve always worried that having so many “parents” was going to make things difficult for him – but of course you can’t just cut out someone who was part of his life for a decade, so we’ve learned to live with it. The fact that he doesn’t feel the need to say “my mom’s ex-husband’s new wife” and just says “my mom” gives me hope that he’s feeling extra loved and not extra confused.

Just wanted to share some joy today.

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