Family Blames Wife Responsible For Making Husband And His Mistress Lose Their Job.

In our society if a man cheats it’s ok but if a woman does it is immoral. There are always double standards. It surprises me when people think the result of their own actions are someone else’s fault. In this story a wife is confused about what she should do. Please read the story below and help her out. (This story was sent to us by Kehlani).

Source: Reddit

I (29f) have an ex (34m), “Richard”. Its been 3 years since we separated due to him being abusive and cheating, but we are not divorced as divorce is expensive in my country and whenever I apply for divorce Richard insists on meditation, so divorce is not granted as “one of us tries to save the marriage”.

He lives with his mistress and they have kid together that was conceived when we were still together. Due to both of them harassing and abusing me, I have a restraining order against both of them. My employer is aware of all of this as the utility company my ex works for supplies the buildings their offices are at (one of the major suppliers in the country).

His family believes it’s okay to have several partners and be responsible for kids even they are from affair. And according to our friends in common he spreads a lie that I couldn’t get pregnant (I don’t want and never wanted kids) so his mistress helped us with that, but then I “overreacted” and called it cheating, so he had to stay with her to support the kid.

It’s the same as what he pulled in the court when we were getting divorce alongside with his “I still love her and should have communicated better” lies. So the court wouldn’t grant a divorce as they believe he is trying to save the marriage and I’m being unreasonable.

Now to the actual events: Due to restrictions everyone is currently working from home with a few days in the office. Richard decided to show up at my work with his kid and demanded to see me for “child support” money since we are still legally married. As my employer is aware of the situation, the reception refused to tell him if I’m in the office or not (I was) and asked Richard to leave.

Richard did not and security was called. As he was with his child, security couldn’t use force to remove Richard, so reception threatened to call the utility company he works for. Richard didn’t believe the reception can do it, so long story short him and his mistress were fired with immediate effect as Richard showing up at my work has been seen as gross misconduct and they discovered Richard was his mistress boss (apparently his employer didn’t know they were together and its strictly forbidden to have a relationship with someone who is directly employed by you).

The utility company apologised for Richards actions and and gave a considerable discount for their services to make sure the news of what happened wouldn’t spread.

Since they were fired I’m getting calls from unknown numbers of various Richards/his mistress family members and friends saying I’m responsible for it and just a jealous a**hole for getting them fired to get Richard back.

We still have some friends in common and they believe him getting fired and loosing the only source of income they have is too harsh and I should of prevented that/shouldn’t have spoken in the beginning about what happened.

Who is to be blamed ?

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