Girl Struggled With Stairs At Football Game And Image Of Police Officer Carrying Her Went Viral.

At a Florida State University football game a girl was having difficulties walking up all the steps to get her east that’s when Deputy C. Hall offered to help her. He took permission from her and the mother if they would be fine if he carried her to her seat. Without any hesitation he walked around 30 rows up to her seat.

This wonderful act of kindness was observed by Brittney Howard at the football game. She decided to quickly click a picture of it and shared it on Facebook. The kind act went viral and people appreciated Deputy Hall’s good gesture.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office on their Facebook page where Deputy Hall works also applauded him for his kind and caring act.

The picture of Deputy Hall carrying the young girl finally reached the officer’s family. The officer’s wife was so proud of him and thanked God for everything. The wife shared online that her husband Deputy Hall in January was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to go through 34 radiation treatments from February -April. For months he lived on cream soups, milkshakes, smoothies and lost 30lbs. For few months he was unable to walk to the mailbox and back. She firmly believes that her husband did it all because of God.

Bless this officer and all of the rest of our officers who protect and serve us. Do share if you agree not all angels have wings some come in the form of officers.

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