Mom Gave Birth To 4th Child And Died Just 5 Days Later.

When a donor donates his/her organs for the well being of another person it gives them hope and is a heroic life saving act. Here is a heartbreaking story of a mother who lost her life due to intracerebral hemorrhage but her last wish she made was truly a noble cause.

Kathleen Thorson gave birth to their 4th child Teddy, with husband Jesse Thorson. However a few days later she was taken to the emergency room as she suffered from an intracerebral hemorrhage. Doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding of her brain despite many surgeries. Sadly just 5 days from giving birth to Teddy she died.

Richard Stubbs, who is overseeing the fundraiser of the family, said Kathleen’s condition worsened to that extent she could no longer survive.

No one expected her to go so soon. It was shocking and a heartbreaking loss for the family. While mourning the wife’s death, Jesse had to take care of 4 children alone- Danny, Grace, James and newborn Teddy.

The tribute on the Thorson Go Fund Me page read that all love and miss Kathleen with every breath they took. Through all the troubles she went through, her love, life and magic will always be felt.

Before Kathleen died she had a wish. The wonderful soul wanted to be an organ donor. God used her to give life to other mourning family’s prayers. Not only God granted Kathleen’s dying wish but also blessed it.

After her death, she was qualified as a perfect candidate for all her organs. She was able to donate “an almost unheard of 12 organs, that involved her lungs and heart.” That means she saved 12 lives. Just goes to show God’s amazing miracles.

God has beautifully taken care of Thorson’s family with lots of support and love from many strangers. Celebrity Kristen Bell came to know about the mom who passed away after the birth of the child she gifted Jesse a year’s worth of diapers and wipes.

There were donations to help with medical expenses, funeral costs and made up for Jesse’s lost wages. With such great response Richard Stubbs stretched the goal from $50,000 to $95,000. In less than a month the donations almost reached to $130,000. He stated that with this amount, Jesse could pay important bills, medical expenses and spend quality time with the children while he and his children settle down and start a new fresh life.

On fulfilling Kathleen’s dream Jesse also planned a beautiful garden in their backyard. He motivates others to respect Kathleen Thorson by being a little more like her. She will always be remembered for the love and the sacrifice to use her organs after her death to help others. She is truly a wonderful, courageous selfless woman.

May God wrap his loving arms around this family and give them peace and comfort.

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