Pierce Brosnan Always Has His Wife’s Back When Trolls Attack Her Weight.

Hollywood celebrities live public lives. Social media has added to their woes. They are constantly judged. They need to look good and behave righteous at all times. They are not entitled to excuses. If they fail in what is expected of them, they are brutally body shamed and trolled..

Not all have the guts in them to shut down body trolls like a PRO. Pierce Brosnan, the James Bond actor, like a BOSS hit back at the people who trolled his beloved wife, Keely.

While visiting Mexico, Brosnan met the dark haired beauty Keely Shaye Smith, an American journalist. They say marriages are made in heaven. Nothing would stop it from happening.

Keely was assigned the job of interviewing Ted Danson. Instead she landed up connecting to the handsome Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan. She had fallen head over heels to the charismatic actor. The feelings were mutual. Pierce Brosnan too realised that he had found someone very special. Eventually, they married in the year 2001.

Keely was not the first love of his life,. Pierce Brosnan was formerly married to Australian actress, Cassandra Harris. After their marriage he even legally adopted her children, Christopher and Charlotte. Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra were blessed with another son. They named him Sean Brosnan. Everything was going fine in Pierce Brosnan’s life.

Tragedy hit him hard when he lost his beloved wife Cassandra to ovarian cancer. Pierce Brosnan was certain that he would never find true love again. But everything changed after he met Keely. In Fact he called her his ‘North Star.’ It was only because of her that he was able to cope up with the loss of Cassandra.

The Golden Eye actor, Pierce Brosnan and Keely were blessed with two sons Dylan and Paris. Considering the torment of his solitary childhood it was no surprise that he was delighted in having a large family. There is a price for everything in life. Keely had to pay that price. She put on a whole lot of weight after the delivery of her two sons. Motherhood had changed the way she looked.

Keely was ruthlessly targeted for her physical appearance. People wanted to know why Pierce Brosnan still accepted her as his wife despite the fact that she had lost all her yesteryears charm. Brosnan was madly in love with Keely. He did not want a hourglass figure. He liked every, curve of her body.

On one occasion, in 2021, Jenelle Eason, one of the star of ‘Teen Mom’ had posted on Facebook, a before and after photo of Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely holidaying on the beach. Evidently, Brosnan couple had gained substantial weight during the span of 20 years.

Jenelle used the photo to tell her husband, David Eason, that they too had turned out to look like the Brosnan couple. This offended David. He refuted saying that they were not that fat. Jenelle responded with a smiling emoji that they were close to looking like the Brosnan couple.

This insensitive post and comments of Eason couple was not liked by many. People trolled them for being so harsh. Ultimately, Facebook had to intervene by imposing a temporary ban on the Eason couple.

Not only strangers but even family friends were being judgemental about Keely’s weight and appearance. They even suggested her to go into a surgery to reduce her weight. Pierce Brosnan, on the other hand stood by her.

He proved to be her strongest supporter. For him beauty is skin deep. He valued Keely for the person she was. Keely is his love of life, the mother of his five children. Perfect size is not that he seeks. He only wants to be with his LOVE.

Behind the sharp tuxedo and piercing eyes of Pierce Brosnan lies a gentleman who has a heart of gold. He has been a staunch supporter of his wife, Keely. A handsome man, a great actor, a splendid father and most importantly a PERFECT HUSBAND.!!!

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