Family forced to pull the plug on baby girl after she choked on a cookie in front of them

Isabella Stark was only cared for by her family for fifteen months until she passed away suddenly. The family had no option but to stop the child’s breathing when they witnessed her choke in front of them.

God gave them an angel as a gift. Isabella was her name. She is now with Jesus after leaving them, Joshua Leon Stark, the kid’s distraught dad, stated.

On the routine morning of September 13, 2021, Isabella was going about her usual, cheery home life when the tragic course of events started. The infant was navigating the house while chowing down on a macadamia cookie. At some point Isabella stumbled and started screaming, taking a big breath and inhaling the smashed nuts into her lungs.

The message was posted on the BackaBuddy fundraiser, which was set up to assist the family with the mounting medical expenses. Her alarmed mom started crying for assistance, and “Isabella’s grandparents came rushing in to see Isabella’s body lifeless and instantly tried to clear her airways and discovered that it was too deep in so started doing CPR,” according to the message.

The letter added, during this time, Isabella’s dad was phoned and instructed to hasten home from work in order to get Isabella to the hospital. Continuous CPR was given to Isabella from the moment she coughed until she arrived at the emergency department for around 15 minutes.

Joshua chose to shave his head to demonstrate his support for his infant daughter as she lay unresponsive in a hospital bed. A post on the Facebook page for Baby Isabella Stark said, “Isabella’s dad Joshua has shaved his head as they had to shave Isabella’s hair and he wants to show her his support to ensure she isn’t the only one with a shaved head.”

Isabella had surgery, and the doctors were able to clear the debris from her small lungs. The infant was connected to a machine, which was the only thing keeping her alive, and it was discovered around a week after she choked on the cookie.

Update on our Warrior Princess: Things are still a bit difficult at the moment as we wait for Isabella to wake up. She…

Posted by Bella Boudjies on Sunday, 19 September 2021

Doctors made the decision to call the family to the hospital and inform them of the situation as it was. According to Juliet Basson, the family’s representative, “the physicians called to advise the family should come to the hospital. Her brain was not receiving enough oxygen, therefore she was on an artificial life-support system.”

It was decided to switch off Isabella’s life support system, which was keeping her alive.

Basson said that she passed away the instant the machine was turned off.

They were blessed to have her for 15 months in their life where she conquered their lives and they loved every moment she has impacted so many lives and now she is up in heaven watching over them as an angel and keeping them safe and all they can say is thank you to each and every one that has been praying or made a contribution, Joshua wrote in a post on Facebook after the baby passed away.

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