Superman toy-sized preemie baby that was delivered lives and is currently flourishing.

While Hollywood blockbusters and imaginative tales may make miracles seem plausible, they do take place every day in reality.

Of course, that relies on your idea of a miracle, but few would dispute the fact that occasionally events just occur that defy all logic. These items help individuals who have lost faith to regain it and act as a constant reminder that everything is possible.

Rob and Val have reason to believe in miracles because their baby was delivered at barely 23 weeks of gestation.

Logan Ray was born into a world where the chances were horribly against him. He was really born so early that he only weighed 1.5 pounds and was the same height as a Superman toy his father had given him.

Naturally, physicians and Logan’s parents anticipated the worst. But like the toy he is seen in the photo above next to, the youngster had a real spirit of resistance.

Logan was finally allowed to go home after 105 days in the hospital. He is now four years old, and his mother Val takes a photo of him next to the well-known action figure every year to honor his remarkable fortitude.

He is a little superhero himself, Val stated in an interview. Even when he weighed just a pound and a half. He became known as her little “tough man.”

She kept exclaiming, he’s a tough person while the doctor kept looking at her and saying, they’ll see how he performs.

According to sources, it was determined that Val had an incompetent cervix, a medical issue where the cervix shortens and opens early, frequently causing women to miscarry, which led to Logan’s preterm delivery.

The procedure to try to sew it back together was unsuccessful, and doctors informed Val and Rob that they were likely to miscarry as a result.

Val said, the doctors essentially told Rob and her that they were going to send them home to miscarry.

They’re staying in the hospital, if they have him tomorrow or in four months, Rob and Val both replied as they both turned to face the doctor.

Twenty days after being warned to expect the worst, on July 25, 2016, Val delivered birth. Logan suffered two brain bleeds, two holes in his heart, and a urinary tract infection when he was taken to the NICU unit.

There was a genuine worry that they may lose him, according to Rob. They genuinely believed he had little chance of surviving.

Logan received laser eye surgery at the age of 11 weeks to treat the retinopathy of prematurity that may have rendered him blind.

Logan, however, persevered with bravery much beyond his years. He braved the difficulties and was able to return home with his family after 105 days.

Every birthday, they snap a photo of Logan holding his Superman, and Val expressed it’s remarkable seeing the big difference now.

She is not sure whether he fully understands that it represents how large he used to be, but he looks at it and is told that.

Amazing, indeed! Logan, a little boy, is living proof that miracles do occur.

We are overjoyed that this brave young guy overcame all odds to survive. Please spread the word about the fantastic medical staff who took care of him!

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