Toddler is one of 100 individuals in the world with ‘uncombable hair syndrome.’

One of just 100 persons in the world with “uncombable hair syndrome” is a child with an unmanageable epic mop.

Layla Davis, a 17-month-old from Great Blakenham in Suffolk, has golden hair that resists every effort to straighten it out.

After a battle with her husband Kevin, 35, and mother Charlotte Davis, 28, for a diagnosis, it has been confirmed that her daughter has the condition.

It is a disorder characterized by dry, unmanageable, and frizzy hair.

UHS often appears between infancy and age three in children, however it can sometimes emerge as late as age twelve.

It only occurs in about 100 children worldwide, and those who do so tend to have light-colored hair.

Layla has been referred to as Boris Johnson and Albert Einstein, according to Charlotte.

She remarked that her child was fluffy from around the age of one, and then it began expanding more and more outwards. She believe she was in denial because she kept insisting it would go flat.

She was incredibly delighted to get the diagnosis since it is so uncommon; part of the reason she put off having her tested for it is that there are only 100 individuals in the world who have it – the odds of having it are so remote.

She is not sure if she began doing it herself since other individuals were touching and ruffling her hair.

My two-year-old son has observed that his hair is different from hers, and occasionally he would rub her hair before his own.

She may not be aware of how great it is.

She just needs her to know when she gets older that even though she looks different from other people, it is great. 

The disorder, commonly referred to as spun glass hair, typically becomes better with time, generally by adolescence.

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