Fans accuse Kate of ‘imitating’ Meghan, who was once chastised for violating the same dress code rule.

The Royal family is always the centre of attention. However, fashion police have been keeping a careful check on what Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been wearing and how identical their clothes are.

While Meghan Markle was chastised for her time as a member of the royal family, Middleton appeared to be the individual from whom everyone desired Markle would take guidance and social signals. Middleton, on the other hand, seems to have taken Markle’s lead.

Fans of the royal family and Meghan Markle have attacked Kate for acting and dressing in ways that landed Meghan in difficulty while she was a working member of the royal family.

Kate and William engaged in a highly uncommon public display of affection at a polo tournament on July 6, 2022. The kiss and following arms around each other’s waists were unexpected by admirers of the couple.

While there is no royal etiquette on how much affection a pair can exhibit, Kate and William have generally been more restrained in this regard, but Harry and Meghan have always been more tactile in public, frequently holding hands.

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Since Meghan and Harry were always the more affectionate couple, people said that the only purpose Kate and William were tactile in public was to replicate Meghan and Harry’s relationship.

Meghan and Harry were also spotted at a polo tournament in May 2022, where Meghan donned a polka dot dress and a sun hat identical to what Kate previously worn. Meghan and Harry kissed during this match.

While Meghan shielded their faces with her hand as she kissed her husband, it was clear that the pair had kissed. The public contrasted Kate and William’s kiss to this public display of devotion.

Kate looked completely different during the Wimbledon Women’s Final on Saturday, flaunting her physique in a way she rarely does. Kate is wearing a canary yellow dress and a sun hat, both of which she has not previously worn.

The Duchess looked stunning, and although some admired her new appearance, others were put off by her seeming willingness to show more of her body in her ensembles.

Individuals who criticise Kate are those who feel it is improper that she is being rewarded for wearing the same clothing that Meghan was scolded for. Kate was also in the news prior to this tragedy.

Kate wore a dress that was remarkably similar to Meghan’s when she kissed Harry at the polo match. Kate wore a black dress with white polka dots that was more form-fitting than normal.

Kate presented the trophy to the victor of the Wimbledon Men’s Final, Novak Djokovic, and looked gorgeous doing so, but she was chastised for imitating Meghan’s style. This time, though, there was no PDA between Kate and William since their son was sitting between them.

The duchess’s attire for the women’s final was very similar to one she wore earlier this year to a banquet for young people from around the Commonwealth in London.

This ensemble was worn by Kate the day after she and Meghan coordinated their clothes at Wimbledon. While Meghan’s dress was sleeveless, Kate’s Dolce & Gabbana gown covered her shoulders, making it significantly more humble.

Although Kate has never worn a garment like this before, the colour is unsurprising. Kate’s previous styles have always been simple, but she has never refrained from wearing colour. In reality, Princess Charlotte was wearing a white outfit embroidered with brilliant yellow flowers when William and Kate initially presented her to the world, and she has worn many other yellow ensembles in the past.

While Kate’s new sense of fashion is a nice break from some of her more modest royal attire, some folks consider it less than charming that she appears to be mimicking Meghan Markle’s ensembles in the past.

Some fans argued that all royal family members, whether working or not, should be treated equally and that the press should not affect how a royal is treated in public.

Some fans believed it was disgusting that Kate was permitted to wear a hat to Wimbledon while Meghan was not. Some speculated that Kate’s decision to wear a hat to the tennis match was only to mimic Meghan.

Meghan wore one to the polo match when she kissed Prince Harry. Another fan has called the incident #StrawHatGate, noting that Meghan was barred from wearing a hat to Wimbledon in 2018.

Some admirers, though, did not mind Kate wearing the hat because it did not match her dress and appeared out of place. One admirer even questioned why the royal would wear the hat at all, particularly since Meghan had to carry hers in 2018.

Others said Kate lacked a unique style since she had always mimicked Princess Diana and is now mimicking Meghan. Other fans pointed out that the royal rituals in the Wimbledon box were not set in stone and might be altered.

A Twitter user questioned if the limitations were in place solely for Meghan since of her colour. Many others agreed with the tweet, with one noting that the only justification Kate gets away with it all Meghan doesn’t is because she has the press on her side.

Whether fans agree or disagree, many believe Kate’s style is developing, and she may have been affected by her sister-in-fashion law’s taste.

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