Kids’ Mom Is Angry After Their Aunt Invites Everyone To Disney World Except Her And Husband.

Consider your sister-in-law getting along so well with your children that she takes them on excursions and likes spending time with them. That seems like assistance that no young mom would turn down. A childless woman wanted to take her SIL’s children to Disney World yet did not invite their parents, causing a dispute. Read the whole story and let us know what you would do in such a situation.

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So my husband and I are childfree and more well off than most of our siblings. We bought a house young, have steady careers, and minimal expenses. We enjoy being childfree but I am also very fond of my nieces and nephews ( 4 neices and 1 nephew from varying siblings on my husband and I’s sides) and have worked to be a part of all of their lives.

I make special trips for birthdays, help their parents with cleaning, yard work, and cooking as much as I can- my philosophy is it takes a village and I can be a part of that village.

Two years ago one of my SIL’s on my husband’s side lost her father. He lived in Europe and they had a strained relationship so he never met my niece, who we will call E. So my SIL ended up going to his funeral but E and BIL didn’t go. E was 8 and got out of school a week after her mom left and BIL was struggling to keep things in order. My husband and I stopped by and cooked dinners, but we had an existing vacation planned- so we offered to take E with us. It was a camping trip, nothing fancy but she loved it and had a great time so we let her come with us on several more trips since then.

Cut to now- my brother and his wife had kids young and have always been broke. It’s been a hard year for them and my SIL was talking about how badly they needed a break. My husband, E, and I had planned a trip to Disney World over fall break so I talked it over with my husband and offered to take their two kids with us as well.

My SIL got excited and said she would text my brother to get the time off work ASAP- I was confused and clarified I just meant to take the kids with us so they had a bit of a break. SIL ended up getting mad and asking “What about us? You’re just gonna leave us at home to do nothing while you guys have fun? I’ve never even been to Disney world!”

I told her I didn’t mean it like that but she’s pretty pissed and won’t let her kids go if they can also go. Am I A Jerk? What are your opinions?

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