“My husband and I are on a verge of divorce because I’m pregnant”

Being pregnant and having children are a blessing from God. Certainly, the decision to have children is entirely up to you and your spouse, and it makes no difference what anybody else thinks. Some couples love being childfree. Read the story to know what happened to this couple who decided to be childfree and what do you think she should do.

Source: Reddit

We (f40, m49) have been married for 12 years. We are both childfree and it’s one of the things we’ve bonded over. Now I’m pregnant. I’m not religious or anything but I’m 40, he’s had vasectomy and here I’m. Like a miracle. I want to keep it but I’m so scared. He made it clear we are too old to be parents and we hate children and that if I want to keep it then it’s divorce. I do hate children but not this child.

I want help from single parents. Brutal and honest opinion based on your experience. Is it worth it? Are these just my hormones being crazy making me emotional or is this real love? I love my husband so so so so so so very much but it’s kinda faded away compared with the emotions I’m having with my belly. Please help.

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