Fans Notice As Amber Heard’s Co-Star Jason Momoa Starts Following Johnny Depp Amid Trial

Obviously, the high-profile slander preliminary between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is all the rage.

Many celebrities have voiced their thoughts on the matter and taken sides in the court struggle over the previous three weeks; nonetheless, one popular person who many anticipated to support Amber has apparently done the inverse.

Indeed, the reference is about Jason Momoa, who appeared with Amber in Aquaman and will do so again in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Even though many onlookers anticipated the 42-year-old would support Amber, it appears that is not the case.

Here’s what we know about Jason’s shady behavior in Amber’s current court battle. Jason fuelled allegations that he opted to stand with the Pirates star after surreptitiously following him on Instagram once Johnny and Amber’s legal conflict was well underway.

A swarm of eagle-eyed admirers claimed this was an “obvious sign” that the Game of Thrones actor was backing Johnny. It’s unclear if that’s the message he wanted to send as of this writing. Because Jason has been generally silent throughout the current slander trial, Game Rant speculated that his public relations firm urged him to follow Johnny. Jason had only followed Amber before to the case, thus following the Sweeney Todd actor may “suggest his neutrality.”

It’s unlikely to find out the truth since Jason isn’t one to get involved in other people’s controversies; also, considering his recent divorce from longtime girlfriend Lisa Bonet, he may wish to keep low and out of the spotlight for a while.

Hollywood Life got court filings ahead of Johnny and Amber’s well known legal battle and stated that proof produced in the Fairfax County, Va. courtroom will incorporate text exchanges between Jason and Amber. Many people are surprised by this as Amber made it her aim in February 2022 to avoid the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom from being referenced at all during the trial.

With Jason and Amber’s text message interaction ready to be disclosed in court, as well as talks with Aquaman director James Wan and original Justice League commander Zack Snyder, fans resist the urge to call Amber out on her bad faith.

Despite Amber’s request that the film not be mentioned in court, one Twitter user stated that she sent multiple “texts & emails between [her] & different persons, including Jason Momoa & James Wan, concerning Aquaman 2 that [she] wants] used at trial.”

Another person speculated that Jason and the others could have “[Amber Heard] had no clue what she was up to. Sweet [Amber Heard [text]’s messages] in 2021 are just another set-up.” “I think she was intending on utilizing them for her counterclaim all along, and these morons fell straight into her trap,” they speculated.

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