Kim Kardashian Wins Defamation Portion of Case Against Blac Chyna

Although Blac Chyna’s jury is currently debating whether the Kardashians are liable for the failure of her reality show, Kim Kardashian has already won a huge win.

The judge recently dismissed Chyna’s defamation action against Kim, stating that KK made no defamatory words about Rob’s ex. Chyna’s lawyer said that even if Kim did not explicitly make false claims about Chyna, she basically co-signed defamatory and libelous statements supposedly made by other individuals of the Kardashian clan.

The judge, on the other hand, said there was ZERO proof Kim played a “responsible role” in the multiple remarks that have been the core of Chyna’s case.

Interpretation: Chyna’s lawyer sought to promote the idea that Kim winked or otherwise validated remarks made regarding Chyna’s proclivity for brutality toward Rob. Chyna’s attorneys also claimed Kim was a co-signer on other people who purportedly trash-talked Chyna to E! executives.

Having said that, the jury still has a lot to think about. Other defamation cases have been filed against other individuals of the Kardashian clan, as well as an allegation that they purposely sabotaged her reality program. Chyna was seeking $40 million for her claim. The jury is still deliberating.

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