“Several People Have Denied The Invitation”: Bride Wonders If Her ‘No Plus Ones’ Wedding Rule Is Too Ridiculous.

Weddings are meant to be once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Every bride and groom have certain conditions in their weddings like themes, no children policy, pay for your own food and many more. One just condition in this wedding was ‘no plus one’. Read the story and let us know what you think about it.

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I’m getting married and like every other bride, I too have certain rules I want for my wedding to go smoothly. One of them is the no plus ones rule. Only people named in the invitation are invited.

The criteria I have for people who will get to bring their partners are :

1. BOTH me and my fiancé know of your partner and have met them. If I know your partner and my fiancé doesn’t, that disqualifies them and vice versa.

2. If I’d personally go to dinner with you and your partner.

3. if I’d invite your partner as a seperate person anyway and not just because they’re your partner.

4. If your partner is also a friend of mine.

Those who meet that criteria get to bring their partners. If they don’t, then they don’t bring them. Simple.

That also excludes long term relationships, engaged couple and married couples as well. We know it might seem harsh but those are the rules we’ve decided to set so we can be more comfortable. It has nothing to do with budget or venue capacity. Purely our choice.

Several people have denied the invitation to our wedding due to these rules. One of them is also my cousin. My cousin has been engaged to this girl for 1 year now and he was upset we didn’t include her. The reason she was excluded was because my fiancé hasn’t met her and she’s not a person I’d personally be friends with either. I told my cousin how heartbroken I am that he will not come to the wedding due to this and I expressed my distaste for the fact that he can’t be away from his fiancée for few hours to honor me and my fiancé. Couples don’t have to be together the whole time.

Then he basically told me I’m being extremely disrespectful and a huge Jerk. I asked him to explain and he said word for word

“Let me get this clear. You want me to come to honor you to your wedding, honor your love story and all that, but you can’t respect me enough to invite my fiancée? I can be without my fiancée for several hours. Heck we even spend days apart in vacations with our own seperate friend groups sometimes. What bothers me is not me being away from my fiancée for some hours, but the fact that you excluded her for those reasons.”

I told him those are the rules. Take it or leave it. He says he finds my rules extremely disrespectful but since its my wedding he has no say in it. I told him good, and to stop bullsh%tting me then and show his support and respect by attending. He said that while he respects my extremely exclusive and disrespectful rules, I am a fool to believe that he will care more about valuing my wedding over his fiancée. Am I in the wrong ? What are your opinions? 

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