Woman catches her husband cheating with their nanny thanks to Disney ride photo

A divorcee whose ex-husband had a child with their nanny went viral when she shared a video of them hugging ‘a bit too close’ on a ride during a family trip to Disney World.

Natalie, a mother of two who lives in Ibiza, Spain, joined TikTok last month following a difficult divorce. The 33-year-old has posted several videos about her ex and his current lover, who was her previous nanny.

In a new viral video, she shared a poignant photograph captured while they were riding Splash Mountain together. Her then-husband was in the row behind them with the babysitter, who was inclining towards him, and she was sitting with her kid. She stated in the on-screen caption that she was searching through old images and found many where they were a bit too near.

The former stay-at-home mom has never openly revealed that her ex and nanny had an affair, yet her videos imply that they did while they were hitched. ‘We went to Disneyland in Orlando with the babysitter. ‘To assist with the kids…. Not the spouse,’ she captioned the video, which has received over 1.6 million views.

Many readers were upset on her side, however some couldn’t help but point out that Disney World, not Disneyland, is located in Orlando.

One user remarked, ‘First red flag is that they sat together on the trip! Knowing very well there would be a photo of it… it’s so cheap of her…’

Others chastised Natalie for employing a beautiful nanny, with one TikTok user declaring that she would never have had this issue if she had chosen Mrs. Doubtfire.’

A lot of other nannies also chimed in, claiming Natalie’s former employee was absolutely out of line.

One lady commented, ‘this irritates me for you as a previous live-in nanny and presently a mother. It’s not difficult to refrain from doing so!’ While another insisted: ‘As a former nanny, I would have sat with the child or the mother well before I sat with the dad!’

Natalie responded to a criticism about two parents and a nanny for one child in a follow-up video, disclosing that they really took two nannies to help with their two small kids on the international vacation.

The mother, whose children are now 9 and 10, stated that they had two nannies at the time who worked separate shifts. When they made their month-long trip to the United States six years ago, they brought both nannies with them so they’d have somebody to hang out with in their spare time.

Natalie has had a terrible year, going from being a stay-at-home parent to working an entry-level job with poor income, while her previous nanny now resides in her previous house.

In a past video, she clarified that alimony does not exist in Spain. When a couple divorces, they leave the marriage with the same assets they brought into it. She revealed that she was 22 years old when she married, and she didn’t have anything when she joined the marriage. So any money she receives comes from the goodwill of his heart. Legally, he is not required to offer her anything.

Natalie revealed in her most recent video why she frequently targets her former nanny instead of her ex-husband, who just had a newborn boy with his new girlfriend. She further added that she receives a lot of comments wondering why her films are directed towards the nanny rather than her ex-husband because “it takes two to tango,” and so on. She explains why.

Natalie claims that her ex-husband has been ‘very kind and contrite’ about their terrible position, whilst the nanny has been ‘quite the reverse.’

She stated that the nanny sends her horrible texts. The nanny moved in as soon as she moved out of her former villa. She has forbidden her from even going to the residence to pick up her children. Natalie can’t go around collecting her belongings. If she needs something from that residence, they send it over with the cleaning which is quite dreadful. The nanny has really filed a police report against Natalie at the start of all of this since she went crazy when she found out. Natalie felt as though she had entirely lost herself. After all, who wouldn’t?

Natalie said she had no clue she had recorded a police report against her until she received a phone call from the cops about charges that she had called her a “sl%t” and was “hurling abuse at her.” ‘I was thinking, “Yes, I did it. I’m not going to deny anything because she’s a sl&t “So, finally, I convinced her to withdraw the allegations against me,’ she recounted. ‘But do you understand what I mean? It’s simply little stuff like that.

‘If things had been handled better, and she had said anything to me like, “I’m sorry for how this happened…” ‘At the end of the day, if they truly love one another, and they recently had a kid together, who am I to stand in their way?’ she added.

‘It’s simply the way it’s handled that’s so wrong, and her overall attitude toward me is so wrong.’ ‘Like, how can she possibly be that cruel to me?’

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