Father Cries The Whole Time When Daughter Takes Uncle To Walk Her Down The Aisle.

Love is the most wonderful emotion, and a wedding is the greatest triumph. Weddings are deeply personal and momentous occasions. A bride wishes her dad to walk down the aisle. However, read the story to know what happened in this wedding and do you agree with the bride’s decision.

Source: Reddit

I love my dad and he loves me. He has this weird need to be useful.

He has missed countless events that mattered to me because he was doing someone a favor.

I told him that if he was late for my wedding I would not wait.

I guess he forgot because someone from his church needed some help with their car on Saturday.

I did not hesitate. I had my uncle ready to go. My uncle has always been there when my dad lets me down.

My dad showed up twenty minutes into the ceremony. I guess he thought I would wait.

At the reception he was crying because I am his only daughter. I took away his only chance to do this. I am just sick of being an afterthought.

My mom says I hurt him. I just think he has hurt me by not putting me first ever.

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